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Ticket Price: LL. 8,000
Festival pass: LL. 37,500

BIFF Desk will be open at Sofil as of 18th of April from 4pm to 10pm.


To all our friends and supporters,

Your special BIFF screening week is finally here!

Exceptionally from April 22nd to 28th, you will get to catch up on some of the wonderful movies that came out in 2018.

You might have watched some of the season’s best by now but we still have managed to curate a great selection for you.

We highly recommend our documentaries, all our competition and rejection front films are unique and not to be missed, not to mention all the titles by famous Directors you have heard of and are probably waiting for, such as Sorrentino, Golino, Panahi and many more.

Do not miss them, our week will go by in a wink and we do not have second screenings!

As always, a special thanks for the continued support of our official partner SGBL, The Municipality of Beirut for their belief and support of BIFF, the Ministry of Culture, and our long-time Media partners Future TV, TV5 Monde, Al Akhbar, and Medgulf.

Thank you for your support and happy festivities.

Colette Naufal
The Beirut International Film Festival

Thank You, Donors!